The Body
Volume 25.4 – Summer 2007

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Dharma Discourses

Perfection Revealed by John Daido Loori Roshi

Dharma Talk

Coming Home: Body Practice and True Human Form by Geoffrey Shugen Arnold Sensei

Editorial No Barriers by Karin Jinfu Connelly, MRO
Features The Body and the Earth by Wendell Berry
  Hungry Ghost Realm Poem by Anne Waldman
  Mall Mindfulness by Elias Amidon
  I Sing the Body Electric Poem by Walt Whitman
  The Miracle of Aliveness: Body Practice by John Daido Loori, Roshi
  Mahasaccaka Sutta: The Greater Discourse to Saccaka translated by Bokkhu Nanamoli and Bikkhu Bodhi
  The Dark Night Poem by St. John of the Cross
  Facing Life and Death by Dainan Katagiri
  Am I My Body? by Toni Packer
  Breath Energy: Arthur Makaris on Chi Kung, Kung Fu, and Chinese Medicine Interview by Amy Shoko Brown, MRO
  Aging as a Russian Doll by Lenore Fiedman
Photo Gallery Silent Threshold  by Rodolfo Clix
Media Reviews A Rare and Precious Thing; Woman of Darfur(CD);Echoing Silence
MRO News and Training Introductory and Intensive Retreats, ZCNYC, and Affiliates
Sangha News Community Update
Dharma Communications News and Recent Recordings
Directory A Listing of Resources and Services