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 Advice of the Caterpillar  Advice of the Caterpillar
Koans of the Way of Reality: Case 52
Many Zen koans contain references to myths and folktales of ancient India, China, and Japan. Si ...
 Amongst White Clouds  Amongst White Clouds
Written and dir. by Edward A. Burger
In retreats scattered through China’s Zhongnan Mount ...
 Ancestor's Homeleaving--What Is Letting Go?  Ancestor's Homeleaving--What Is Letting Go?
The 300 Koan Shobogenzo: Case 176
The one great pearl is always present.
Dragon sons and daughters are always born of dragon ...
 Being in the World  Being in the World
A philosophical tour Heidegger’s Being and Time, this film ask what it means for human beings t ...
 Bodhidharma's Contemplating Mind--Fruitful Stillness  Bodhidharma's Contemplating Mind--Fruitful Stillness
Koans of the Way of Reality: Case 68
Master Bodhidharma is considered to be the first ancestor of Zen. He is reputed to have brought ...
 Compassion in Exile  Compassion in Exile
Produced and Directed by Mickey Lemle, Music by Philip Glass. This moving biographical film is an intimate portrait of the 14th Dalai Lama. ...
 Eastern Mystics  Eastern Mystics
A groundbreaking documentary featuring interviews with thirteen mystics from the Buddhist, Hind ...
 Enlightenment Sutra's Four Conditions--Life of Non-duality  Enlightenment Sutra's Four Conditions--Life of Non-duality
Book of Equanimity: Case 45
At all times do not produce delusive thoughts.
Also, don't try to stop and annihilate deluded ...
 Entering the Mountain Gate: Essentials of Zen, with Daido Roshi  Entering the Mountain Gate: Essentials of Zen, with Daido Roshi
John Daido Loori Roshi traces the evolution of the “Practice School” of Buddhism from the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha and raises com ...
 Everyone's Light  Everyone's Light
Master Dogen's 300 Koan Shobogenzo: Case 81
The ancient Chinese Zen poem, Identity of Relative and Absolute, declares, "Within light ...
 Feeding the Hungry Heart  Feeding the Hungry Heart
Master Dogen's 300 Koan Shobogenzo: Case 170
Any serious practitioner knows that spiritual nourishment is just as vital a human nece ...
 In and Out of the Net  In and Out of the Net
The net is the rigid way we have defined our lives: the cage and prison in which we lock ourselves. The threads of the net are our self-imp ...
 Jesus & Buddha: Practicing Across Traditions  Jesus & Buddha: Practicing Across Traditions
Three leading figures in today’s Buddhist-Christian dialogue share their personal journeys towards a greater understanding of the place whe ...
 Joshu's Bright Pearl  Joshu's Bright Pearl
Joshu's bright pearl is a condition of freedom and a life of no obstructions. There are no obstructions when we enter the difficulties we e ...
 Kyogen's Man up a Tree -- Impossible Situations  Kyogen's Man up a Tree -- Impossible Situations
Gateless Gate: Case 5
From our everyday perspective, Kyogen's person up a tree appears to be in a no-win situation. Dangling from a ...
 Lotus in the Fire: Zen Home Practice  Lotus in the Fire: Zen Home Practice
Buddhism is undergoing a revolution in the West as dedicated practitioners create a lay practice within what historically has been a monast ...
 Loving Work  Loving Work
Master Dogen's 300 Koan Shobogenzo: Case 271
About half of our waking hours are spent at work, yet few of us are engaged in labor that ...
 Master Tozan's ''No Grass''--The Relative and the Absolute  Master Tozan's ''No Grass''--The Relative and the Absolute
The Book of Equanimity: Case 89
The Five Ranks of Master Tozan are a riveting yet subtle expression of the Buddhist teachings on the ...
 Mayoku Shakes His Staff--Beyond Right and Wrong  Mayoku Shakes His Staff--Beyond Right and Wrong
The Book of Equanimity: Case 16
Master Mayoku, having grasped a bit of truth, went on a pilgrimage to test his understanding against ...
 Mind of Play  Mind of Play
Touching the Heart of Intimacy
By the time we reach adulthood, most of us have lost touch with our playfulness. Inundated with compl ...
 Displaying 1 to 20 (of 44 products)   Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>]