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The Cloud Zafu—Special on discontinued colors
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 Joining the Rest of the Universe—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Joining the Rest of the Universe—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
How do we deal with the knowledge that the body is impermanent? Many people deny the reality of death until it can no longer be ignored. ...
 Joyful Effort—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Joyful Effort—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Each of us have different karma to work with, based on what we’ve experienced in our lives and how we’ve responded to those experiences. Re ...
 Living Wisdom—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Living Wisdom—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Even in the midst of forms like zazen, liturgy, work practice, it is still possible to be asleep—unless we completely dedicate ourselves to ...
 Miraculous Activity—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Miraculous Activity—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Master Dogen states that miraculous powers are the daily activities of Buddhas. In this dharma discourse, Shugen Sensei speaks of the possi ...
 Never Be Separate—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Never Be Separate—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Shugen Sensei takes up a well-known Chinese folk tale to ask the questions: why do we create so much separation and then try to reconcile w ...
 No More Isolation—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  No More Isolation—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Why are we constantly drawn to distraction when we yearn for wholeheartedness? Why do we continue to look for things outside of ourselves ...
 Not Afraid to Awaken—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Not Afraid to Awaken—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Tibetan teacher Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche once said, “The Bodhisattva is not afraid to awaken.” The Heart Sutra says that when we have no hi ...
 On Loving-Kindness—Fusatsu: Renewal of Vows  On Loving-Kindness—Fusatsu: Renewal of Vows
The Buddhist teachings on loving-kindness are simple and straightforward. Then why are they so difficult for us to practice? When we clearl ...
 On the Ground—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  On the Ground—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
It is not enough to have insight; we must be able to put it into action in every area of our lives. That’s why it is said that wisdom witho ...
 Peace of Mind—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Peace of Mind—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Our hunger to seek the truth needs to be compounded by our perseverance. We need to have faith that our minds can be at peace, and that the ...
 Practice Is Not What You Think—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Practice Is Not What You Think—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Whether we acknowledge it or not, understand it or not, we are always practicing. Practice is nothing other than our entire lives. It is wh ...
 Realizing Intimate Relationships—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Realizing Intimate Relationships—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Relationships are incredible mirrors. Within them we can create both joyful nourishment and unnecessary suffering. We can use relationships ...
 Release Your Baggage—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Release Your Baggage—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Each of us enters practice with a sense that there is something beyond our judging, discursive mind. This is the “diamond eye” that each of ...
 Saving All Beings—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Saving All Beings—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Sentient beings are numberless, how can we possibly save them all? One by one. When we approach the problem linearly, the consequences of o ...
 Tell Me I'm Right—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Tell Me I'm Right—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Every day people die over political, economic, and religious views. Likewise, our attachments to our own beliefs and opinions cause sufferi ...
 The Great Work—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  The Great Work—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
We know that living on the surface of things cannot be all there is, but where do we go from there? Forthright practice can lead to the man ...
 The Practice of Seeing Reality—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  The Practice of Seeing Reality—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
When we hear a sound or see a form, what are we really hearing and seeing? Usually, it’s our conditioning. Overfamiliarity and habitual j ...
 The Root of Suffering—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  The Root of Suffering—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
All of our suffering is born out of our clinging, our seemingly intractable attachments. Yet zazen is the practice of not abiding anywhere. ...
 Trust Yourself—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Trust Yourself—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
One of the most frequent teachings in the Mountains and Rivers Order is simply trust yourself. When we first begin practicing, a teaching l ...
 What Is Zazen?—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  What Is Zazen?—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
A master once said that after forty years of sitting daily he was just beginning to understand zazen. No matter how deeply we think ...
 Displaying 21 to 40 (of 40 products)   Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2