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 Zazen Is Not About Being Still—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Zazen Is Not About Being Still—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Zazen has nothing to do with sitting still, says Daido Roshi.It’s about how we live our whole life. Constant measuring of the self prevents ...
 Walking the Edge—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Walking the Edge—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
True Dharma Eye, Case 104: Deshan's Enlightenment
Along with Great Faith and Great Determination, Great Doubt is one of the three pi ...
 The Trigger-Happy Self—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  The Trigger-Happy Self—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
What kind of mind do you bring into a meeting with a friend or an encounter at work? Can you hear that persistent “I am”—a trigger-happy ne ...
 The One That Is Not Busy—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  The One That Is Not Busy—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
An old master said: “Good people, as you eat, boil tea, sew and sweep you should recognize the one that is not busy. Then you will realize ...
 Stop Talking To Yourself—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Stop Talking To Yourself—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
“Thoughts are the endless secretions of our mind.” In this humorous talk, Daido Roshi asks us to examine and relinquish our obsession with ...
 Meeting the Teacher—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Meeting the Teacher—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
True Dharma Eye, Case 197: Master Deng's "Voice Like Thunder"
We are constantly reminded in Zen that the teacher has nothing to give ...
 Inconceivable Spring—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Inconceivable Spring—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
In the depths of winter's paucity, it seems inconceivable that spring will ever arrive. And yet every year the world comes to life again, a ...
 Idiot Compassion—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Idiot Compassion—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
True Dharma Eye, Case 225: Dongsban's "Cold and Heat" What is the difference between do-gooding and compassion? What is socially-engage ...
 Entering The Fray—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Entering The Fray—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
True Dharma Eye, Case 38:
Xuefeng's Turning the Dharma Wheel


Rather than following our impulse to tur ... 

 Don't Look Outside—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Don't Look Outside—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
When we have realized our intrinsic completeness, neither worldly power, fame, acceptance, nor fortune can sway us from our course. We no l ...
 Clear Bright Mind—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Clear Bright Mind—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
True Dharma Eye Case 168: Yangshan's "Inconceivable Bright Clear Mind"
One of the most important pieces of literature in Zen Buddhis ...
 A New Earth Edict—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  A New Earth Edict—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Koans of the Way of Reality: Taju's "More Wondrous Than Nature"
When we believe in the illusion of a self that exists separately fro ...
 A Life Without Mistakes—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  A Life Without Mistakes—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
When we hear the teaching that we are already “perfect and complete” what we often hear is “don't make any mistakes.” But what is a life wi ...
 21st Century Bodhisattvas  21st Century Bodhisattvas
Koans of the Way of Reality: Kuanyin's Main Gate
Kuanyin, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion, knows precisely and intuitively what ...
 Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 products)   Result Pages:  1