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 Joining the Rest of the Universe—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Joining the Rest of the Universe—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
How do we deal with the knowledge that the body is impermanent? Many people deny the reality of death until it can no longer be ignored. ...
 Into the Unknown—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Into the Unknown—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
How can we learn to trust a reality that is utterly uncertain? How do we act ethically when the wide-ranging consequences of our actions ar ...
 How Do You Trust?—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  How Do You Trust?—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
“The Great Way is not difficult, just avoid picking and choosing,” begins the Faith Mind Poem. But then why is it that we experience so muc ...
 Gold Dust and Sand—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Gold Dust and Sand—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
In practice we are all walking on a path. It's possible to measure progress as we go, yet it's dangerous to attach to this progress. Instea ...
 Giving Thanks—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Giving Thanks—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
It’s not enough to just feel gratitude—it must be actively expressed. We are constantly receiving from the world and from others, eve ...
 Fear and Fearlessness—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Fear and Fearlessness—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
When our minds are clouded by delusion, we see the world according to our fear and prejudice. Then we act out of this limited view, and in ...
 Drop All Comparisons—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Drop All Comparisons—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
We’re so used to our competitiveness that we don’t think twice about approaching spiritual practice in the same way. However, as long as we ...
 Do Not Disregard Anything—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Do Not Disregard Anything—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
The Buddha said that realization is about putting an end to suffering. It is not simply about feeling better, fixing our relationships, or ...
 Desires Are Numberless—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Desires Are Numberless—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
How do we put forth effort on the spiritual path when we lose sight of the benefit of that effort? How do we apply ourselves without stirri ...
 Declaration of Interdependence—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Declaration of Interdependence—Dharma Discourse (Audio)

We create suffering by separating ourselves from everything and everyone around us. To enter into practice is to declare our willingness ... 

 Complete Health—Dharma Discourse (mp3)  Complete Health—Dharma Discourse (mp3)
Illness provides a rich opportunity to see into impermanence. It also calls us to a particular way of taking responsibility for ourselves. ...
 Beyond Words—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Beyond Words—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Words themselves, like all phenomena we encounter, are inherently free. But because words and language are so much a part of how we think, ...
 Beginner's Mind—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Beginner's Mind—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
What motivates our practice? What underlies our intention to wake up? What are our questions? In the beginning, we may not even know. Or, t ...
 Be Utterly Free—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Be Utterly Free—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
A monk asked Zhaozhou: what is the meaning of Zen? Zhaozhou: said, “Cypress tree in the garden.” The truth of our lives is not contained in ...
 Be A Lamp Unto Yourself—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Be A Lamp Unto Yourself—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Buddha taught that all beings have the capacity to gain freedom—and that only each one of us can do this for ourselves. No one will come t ...
 Attaining Liberation—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Attaining Liberation—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Teachers from Buddha to Dogen consider zazen as the most effective means of liberating ourselves. But how do we practice it? We must let go ...
 At Ease with the Wandering Mind—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  At Ease with the Wandering Mind—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
In this humorous talk, Sensei teaches us that the wandering mind is universal. These thoughts are the cause of our suffering, but also not ...
 Am I a Buddha Yet?—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Am I a Buddha Yet?—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
It is inevitable that we enter spiritual practice with ideas and expectations. We want to be enlightened, to become a Buddha, and we want t ...
 A Life of No Regrets—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  A Life of No Regrets—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
The true mark of fearlessness is not an absence of fear, but rather the courage to turn toward it. Our habit of turning away from the unfam ...
 A Deep and Vested Interest—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  A Deep and Vested Interest—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
When expectations cloud our minds, we cannot see the person who is standing right in front of us. In this talk Shugen Sensei explores our ' ...
 Displaying 21 to 40 (of 40 products)   Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2