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Leaving Utopia—Dharma Discourse CD
Leaving Utopia—Dharma Discourse CD
was $10.00
Special Offer $5.00
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 Leaving Utopia—Dharma Discourse mp3  Leaving Utopia—Dharma Discourse mp3

Using a memorable phrase: “When the flaming sword of Manjushri cuts, it leaves utopia in its ... 

 $5.00  $2.00 
 A Momentary Unfolding  A Momentary Unfolding
"These mountains and rivers of the present are the manifestation of the way of the ancient sages. Each abides in its own dharma state, exha ...
 Absolute Zero—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Absolute Zero—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Can we fully appreciate springtime without a freezing, seemingly endless winter? In this powerful talk, Ryushin Sensei teaches us that it i ...
 After Enlightenment—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  After Enlightenment—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
What do we imagine our lives to look like when we are completely enlightened? It is easy to get caught in the trap of hoping to gain someth ...
 Alive or Dead—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Alive or Dead—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
The question that all religious traditions must address is the nature of life and death. This poignant koan goes to the heart of the matter ...
 An All Encompassing Yes—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  An All Encompassing Yes—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
“Everything is sufficient in its way,” Ryushin Sensei says. This includes your life, your mind, your body, the patch of ground you’re sitti ...
 Bubbles of Illusion—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Bubbles of Illusion—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Our everyday experience is constantly being filtered through our personal bubbles of illusion. Inside, we believe we are the center of the ...
 Enlightenment Guaranteed—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Enlightenment Guaranteed—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Are we aware of how we ceaselessly construct the world and ourselves? It happens so fast, that before we know it, the conceit of “I am” has ...
 Fail Perfectly—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Fail Perfectly—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
In one sense, the practice of the Buddha Way is a practice of constantly failing. At the same time, each of us is inherently perfect. In th ...
 Find the Present Moment—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Find the Present Moment—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
That which is here now is enlightenment. So why do we continually seek an idea of enlightenment that lies in the future and is outside of o ...
 Happiness Without Conditions—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Happiness Without Conditions—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
How many times have we searched for happiness and ended up disappointed or even worse, regretful? We are conditioned to search for temporar ...
 In the Face of Reality—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  In the Face of Reality—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
This moving talk deals with the most often asked question in Zen literature: “What is it?” What is it to be alive? What is it to aspire t ...
 Never Apart—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Never Apart—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Confusion is the result of a split between our awareness and its object. But how could there be any separation in what is inherently whole ...
 No Big Deal Zen—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  No Big Deal Zen—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Using the life of preeminent Zen Master Zhaozhou, Ryushin Sensei highlights the ordinariness of the Zen path, showing that true insight is ...
 No Place to Hide—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  No Place to Hide—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Religious practice can be turned into a crutch when we lose confidence in our ability to stand on our own. To be free we must continually l ...
 One Step Behind Reality—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  One Step Behind Reality—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
In our society thinking is held in high regard but do we realize that our thoughts constantly keep us one step behind reality? The thinking ...
 Our Deepest Needs—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Our Deepest Needs—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Whether it is for the sake of survival or happiness, we all need something. But do we know what it is and how to attend to it? Moreover, co ...
 Person of No Rank—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Person of No Rank—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
How do we make ourselves comfortable by relying on our past accomplishments, wealth, or rank? If we really want freedom for ourselves and o ...
 Radical Loneliness—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Radical Loneliness—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Radical loneliness—which is really aloneness—helps us to realize that we are the only ones who can take responsibility for our lives. When ...
 Self Deception in Spiritual Practice—Dharma Discourse (Audio)  Self Deception in Spiritual Practice—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
The most insidious kind of self-deception is the one that lurks within our spiritual practice. When practice is used as a venue for self-im ...
 Displaying 1 to 20 (of 28 products)   Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]