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Amongst White Clouds
Amongst White Clouds
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 Bringing the Sacred to Life  Bringing the Sacred to Life
Zen liturgy can be intimidating for first-time practitioners. In this indispensible guide, Daido Roshi demystifies the various aspects of Z ...
 Cave of Tigers  Cave of Tigers
This collection of dynamic public exchanges between student and teacher—known as dharma encounter—offers insight into the nature of genuine ...
 Celebrating Everyday Life  Celebrating Everyday Life
A home-dwellers Zen liturgy minibook by John Daido Loori, Roshi. This volume contains chants, dedications, and four chapters to help you ma ...
 $7.00  $4.00 
 Dharma Minibook Set  Dharma Minibook Set
Includes all four of our Dharma Minibooks:


 Finding the Still Point (with CD)  Finding the Still Point (with CD)
A complete introduction to Zen meditation, covering everything from where to sit and how to position the body, to Buddhist teachings that h ...
 Hearing with the Eye: Photographs from Point Lobos with commentary on Master Dogen's ''Teachings of the Insentient''  Hearing with the Eye: Photographs from Point Lobos with commentary on Master Dogen's ''Teachings of the Insentient''
John Daido Loori, Roshi's stunning array of images taken at Point Lobos, California beautifully complements his commentary of Master Dogen' ...
 Invoking Reality  Invoking Reality
The moral and ethical teachings of Zen pared down to the bare essentials. John Daido Loori, Roshi provides a modern interpretation of these ...
 $7.00  $4.00 
 Invoking Reality  Invoking Reality
A guidebook for living a wise and compassionate life based on the Buddhist precepts. Here, Daido Roshi addresses the relationship between e ...
 John Daido Loori Photography:<br />Three Book Special  John Daido Loori Photography:
Three Book Special
“You take care of what you love,” said Daido Roshi. Here is his pointed commentary on some of the most profound teachings of Zen and its re ...
 $75.00  $45.00 
 Making Love with Light  Making Love with Light
Filling the gap that separates us from all that is wild and free, Daido Roshi’s photography invites us to recognize this body and mind—th ...
 Mountain Record of Zen Talks  Mountain Record of Zen Talks
Explores Zen practice as a spiritual journey of self-discovery, beginning with the development of a sound appreciation of zazen (seated ...
 Riding the Ox Home  Riding the Ox Home
For centuries, the ten Ox-Herding pictures have served as a guide for the Zen practitioner’s progression toward realization. Daido Roshi pr ...
 Sitting With Koans  Sitting With Koans
This seminal work offers a considered presentation on the meaning, history, and dynamics of koan practice with commentaries by Chinese, Jap ...
 Teachings of the Earth  Teachings of the Earth
A unique exposition of the awakened ecological consciousness implicit in Zen Buddhism. John Daido Loori shows us that within stillness ther ...
 Teachings of the Insentient  Teachings of the Insentient
How does Zen practice inform our appreciation of our place in the environment? This book shows us that within stillness is a seed of sanity ...
 $7.00  $4.00 
 The Art of Just Sitting:  Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza  The Art of Just Sitting: Writings on the Zen Practice of Shikantaza
edited by John Daido Loori

A wealth of writings on shikantaza (“just sitting”), one of the most subtle and profound—yet often misunderst ... 

 The Echoless Valley: The Teachings of Taizan Maezumi Roshi  The Echoless Valley: The Teachings of Taizan Maezumi Roshi
Pure Maezumi Roshi on one of his favorite topics--the nature of koans and their significance not as an academic curiosity but as our very l ...
 $7.00  $4.00 
 The Eight Gates of Zen  The Eight Gates of Zen
Essential for anyone interested in establishing a Zen practice. Daido Roshi explores how to manifest our inherent wisdom and compassion in ...
 The Heart of Being  The Heart of Being
Considered the most comprehensive book available on the Precepts, the moral and ethical teachings of Zen Buddhism. In it, Daido Roshi provi ...
 The Heart of Being—Audiobook  The Heart of Being—Audiobook
By John Daido Loori
A new recording of Daido Roshi's comprehensive book on the Precepts, the moral and ethical teachings of Zen Buddhi ...
 Displaying 1 to 20 (of 28 products)   Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]