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 Zen Ghosts, Zen Ties, and Zen Shorts  Zen Ghosts, Zen Ties, and Zen Shorts
These three zen children's books by Jon J Muth for one special price.
 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-Up Adaptation  Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: A Pop-Up Adaptation
Illustrated by Robert Sabuda

Anyone who’s read the dialogue between Alice and the Caterpillar recognizes how Zen-like Carroll’s ...
 Moody Cow Special  Moody Cow Special
Moody Cow Meditates and Moody Cow Learns Compassion by Kerry Lee MacLean for one special price.
 Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children  Planting Seeds: Practicing Mindfulness with Children
By Thich Nhat Hanh and the Plum Village Community
For decades, Thich Nhat Hanh has focuse ...
 The Giving Tree with CD  The Giving Tree with CD
by Shel Silverstein

“Once there was a tree … and she loved a little boy.” For nearly 50 years, this classic story has been piercing the ... 

 Bedtime Meditations for Kids  Bedtime Meditations for Kids
by Christiane Kerr

Want your children to sleep soundly and peacefully every night? Just play them this CD and sit back—but be careful, y ... 

 Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and their Parents) with CD  Sitting Still Like a Frog: Mindfulness Exercises for Kids (and their Parents) with CD
This book will help ease tired, hyper, scared, or worried children—and their parents. Therapist ...
 Zero  Zero
by Kathryn Otoshi

As with Otoshi’s award-winning One, Zero uses deceptively simple illustrations to deal with the difficult th ... 

 Peaceful Piggy Meditation, by Kerry Lee Maclean  Peaceful Piggy Meditation, by Kerry Lee Maclean
Whimsical, wise, and... porcine, this book is both funny and instructive. The little piggies are full of mischief which sometimes gets out ...
 Simplicity Parenting  Simplicity Parenting
by Kim John Payne, with Lisa M. Ross

The hectic pace at which many of us live today doesn’t just stress us out—it is making our c ...
 Stone Soup, by Jon Muth  Stone Soup, by Jon Muth
Three Zen monks arrive in a Chinese mountain village where hard times have made the people mistrusting and selfish. Undeterred by the villa ...
 The Three Questions, written and illustrated by Jon Muth  The Three Questions, written and illustrated by Jon Muth
By Jon J Muth. Muth turns Tolstoy’s original story into a beautiful and gentle fable that is moral without being moralistic and that send ...
 Zen Ghosts  Zen Ghosts
By Jon J Muth. It’s Halloween. The trees are ablaze in fiery reds. Excited children don colorful costumes. Mystery and fun haunt every co ...
 Zen Shorts, written and illustrated by Jon Muth  Zen Shorts, written and illustrated by Jon Muth
Meet Stillwater, a giant panda who becomes the neighbor of Addy, Michael, and Karl. Each child visits Stillwater and receives a story taken ...
 Zen Ties  Zen Ties
By Jon J Muth. A disarming story of compassion and friendship, Zen Ties reaffirms the importance of our connections to one another. Beau ...
 No Ordinary Apple: A Story About Eating Mindfully  No Ordinary Apple: A Story About Eating Mindfully
by Sara Marlowe and Philip Pascuzzo
When Carmen hands Elliot an apple for a snack instead of candy, he is obviously disappointed. But ...
 Everyday Blessings  Everyday Blessings
By Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn. This book provides a powerful new way of looking at and facing the challenges of parenthood, showing how mind ...
 Is Grandpa Wearing a Suit?  Is Grandpa Wearing a Suit?
By Amelie Fried (author) and Jacky Gleich (illustrator). In this poignant and beautifully illustrated book, children will lean about dea ...
 Moody Cow Learns Compassion  Moody Cow Learns Compassion
By Kerry Lee MacLean. An engaging sequel that considers what happens when Moody Cow gets up from the cushion and learns to safeguard the vu ...
 Moody Cow Meditates  Moody Cow Meditates
By Kerry Lee MacLean. This vibrant children’s book is a fun and funny way to introduce ...
 Displaying 1 to 20 (of 31 products)   Result Pages:  1  2  [Next >>]