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Verdite & Green Jade Wrist Mala
Verdite & Green Jade Wrist Mala
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Declaration of Interdependence—Dharma Discourse (Audio)
Declaration of Interdependence—Dharma Discourse (Audio) ~ audio
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 Seated Bodhidharma  Seated Bodhidharma
Bodhidharma, also known as the “wall-gazing Brahmin,” was said to have sat in a cave practicing zazen for nine straight years. This uncompr ...
 Mahaprajapati  Mahaprajapati
Mahaprajapati, or “ leader of the Great Assembly,” was Shakyamuni’s aunt and foster mother, as well as the first nun to be ordained in the ...
 Standing Bodhidharma  Standing Bodhidharma
Legend says that three years after the Indian master Bodhidharma’s death, he was seen walking on a Chinese road carrying one of his shoes. ...
 Manjushri with Sword  Manjushri with Sword
Manjushri sitting in full lotus with the traditional sword that “kills and gives life” in his ...
 Large Manjushri  Large Manjushri
Manjushri is the bodhisattva of wisdom, depicted here in a relaxed pose and without the traditional sword, revealing the gentle, nurturing ...
 Manjushri on a Lion  Manjushri on a Lion
Manjushri sits in youthful ease on top of a lion, suggesting the power of wisdom to tame and fr ...
 Samantabhadra on an Elephant  Samantabhadra on an Elephant
Samantabhadra is the messenger of all that the dharma teachings have to offer. His left hand is ...
 Modern Jizo  Modern Jizo
In continual gassho, the clean lines of this Jizo—protector of women, children, and travelers— emphasize the simplicity and beauty of the m ...
 Cast Iron Jizo  Cast Iron Jizo
Small, yet fierce as a mother protecting her child, Jizo Bodhisattva (Ksitigarbha or “Earth Womb”) aids all those in the six worlds of exis ...
 Infant Jizo with Mani Pearl  Infant Jizo with Mani Pearl
Cradling the mani pearl—a symbol of enlightenment—beneath her chin, this infant jizo embodies love of the dharma. Innocent and joyful, this ...
 Small Manjushri  Small Manjushri
“Manjushri” means “Gentle Glory.” Here he is shown wielding the sword of wisdom that kills delusion and gives life to enlightenment. Availa ...
 Displaying 1 to 11 (of 11 products)   Result Pages:  1