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The Cloud Zafu & Zabuton Mountain Seat Zafu & Zabuton Tibetan Mountain Seat
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How to Select a Zafu Meditation Cushion

From our classic kapok zafu to the newest member of our cushion family, the Cloud, all of our zafu shells are made in the USA within a 250-mile radius of our Monastery, keeping our transport-related energy use low. Most of our cushions are assembled right here at The Monastery Store. We also want you to know that all of our meditation cushions were developed, tested, and improved by monastics, Monastery residents and other Buddhist practitioners with thousands of combined hours of meditation experience.

There are many variables in selecting the most comfortable and appropriate zafu to support your meditation practice. The chart below is designed to give general guidelines on selecting the right zafu for you. All dimensions are approximate. If you have any questions or if we can help you in any way please contact us at or (845) 688-7993. Please note that any of our zafus or zabutons may be returned if you are not completely satisfied.

Firm foam
and memory foam
9" h x 14" d

For those who like a high but soft cushion. Lighter and not as firm as the Mountain Seat. Best for small or medium frames.

Memory foam
and buckwheat
7" h x 13" d

Has viso-elastic foam for extra comfort and a higher loft, taking the stress off your knees and ankles.

Memory foam
and buckwheat
8.5" h x 14" d

Oversized version with memory foam. For those who are less flexible, or suffering from chronic injuries, knee problems, or discomfort.

8-15" h x 13" d

Adjustable height is ideal for those who switch sitting positions and require different heights. Best for large frames, or for less flexible sitters.

7.5" h x 13" d
For those of average height who switch between cross-legged and kneeling postures.
6.5" h x 13" d

For those who like the firmness of buckwheat in a lower seat.

Bodhi Seat Buckwheat (small)
7" h x 13" d
Best for those who are comfortable sitting lower to the ground (or who like the softness of kapok).
Bodhi Seat Kapok
Memory foam on
firm foam
18" l x 7" h x 12" w
Firm yet conforming to your body, this cushion is best for meditators who like to sit high, with legs crossed at the ankles.
Tibetan Mountain Seat
Cotton batting in
removable cover
27" x 32" x 3"
For those who are comfortable with a firmer mat or who don't suffer much pain during meditation.
Bodhi Seat Zabuton
Memory foam
and cotton batting
27" x 32" x 3"
With a layer of memory foam for those who want a cushier meditation mat or who need relief from painful pressure points.
Mountain Seat Zabuton
Firm foam and
a layer of soft
memory foam
29" x 31" x 3"
Best for those who want a very soft and pliable meditation mat. Especially helpful for those sitting with injuries.
Cloud Zabuton