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Mountain Seat Meditation Cushions

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Thayer Case, LMSW
Being large-framed, weighing about 220 pounds and having had tibula/fibula and knee reconstruction in my right leg, finding a zafu to suit my needs had been a daunting task. Even though I stretch regularly, in order to maintain a comfortable, stable, and erect meditation posture, especially during all-day and all-week meditation retreats, I needed a cushion that would have enough cushion to protect the sitting bones of my pelvic girdle.

In the initial phase of my quest I tried the traditional kapok-stuffed sitting cushion. However, despite my best efforts--overstuffing the shell with kapok and turning the cushion on end--over the course of a meditation period, the cushion would collapse and my legs would bear the majority of my weight and create a tremendous amount of pain.

I next looked to the oversized buckwheat-stuffed zafu. At first, this cushion seemed to be meeting my needs. I could distribute my weight evenly over my sit bones and legs, enabling me to keep my back straight and relax into my posture. However, during extended meditation retreats I found that my sit bones began to hurt and both my legs would fall asleep. Even though I had a good posture, sitting on the buckwheat eventually became akin to sitting on a rock - very uncomfortable.

Needless to say, when someone suggested I try The Mountain Seat, I did not have very high hopes. My initial test run on the Mountain Seat was much the same as the oversized buckwheat-stuffed zafu, good stability. However, when I began to use this cushion for more extended periods of time the results were dramatic. Even after sitting for over a week straight, my legs rarely fell asleep and my sit bones were more than adequately protected. I felt the normal aches and pains of extended sitting but the overall sitting experience was dramatically different because I was more comfortable than I ever had been before!

I have struggled for many years to find the right cushion. The Mountain Seat has literally saved my practice. It is without reservation that I can recommend The Mountain Seat. I know you will share my enthusiasm!

Susan Wilder, RN;CNM; Ph.D, Psychoanalyst
The first time I sat on the Mountain Seat zafu and zabuton my experience was strikingly significant in that I had a lack of back pain, shoulder pain and knee pain. The foam made a wonderful difference. When sitting zazen on the new zabuton and zafu I felt more relaxed both physically and by the second day, psychologically as well, when I began to realize I did not have to anticipate the pain that I usually experience. These cushions are a vast improvement over what has been available up until now. Please share my experience with others. Thank You.

Marianne Schnall, Co-founder of and
Honestly, I must have tried every type and shape of meditation cushion around. In my opinion, the Mountain Seat Cushion is the best cushion out there! Something about the unique way it is structured gives me the support I need and encourages the back to sit up straight, very comfortably. Thank you.

Kenneth Alexander
I just received my order of the Mountain Seat zafu and zabuton and nearly plotzed with delight. As I get older and have to spend many hours a day on my feet as a nurse I can't begin to tell you how restorative it was to receive this wonderful cushion set. It's so comfortable I almost feel as if I'm cheating, not having "hard training" pain and numbness in my feet, ankles, knees, and back. I get home from work and immediately ask my wife, "Hey Sonia, you ready to sit?" Thanks for the wonderful coffee and mug.

Jean Stephens
I recently purchased a Mountain Seat meditation cushion as a gift for my husband. I want to tell you how very pleased he is with the cushion. It provides wonderful support. He commented that he can feel energy moving through his spine as a result of sitting more comfortably. Thank you for creating such a good product.

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Standard, 7.5" high, $85
Medium Mountain Seat Zafu

This loft is good for average-sized people with average flexibility

Large, 8.5" high, $95
Large Mountain Seat Zafu

For those who are less flexible or are suffering from chronic injuries or knee problems; also relieves back strain

Zabuton Sitting Mat, $129
Mountain Seat Zabuton

Viscoelastic foam between cotton batting for maximum relief for ankes and knees

The Cloud, $129
Mountain Seat Zabuton

Our new all-foam zabuton: Is it possible to be too comfortable?

Buckwheat Stuffing Refill, $10.00
Buckwheat Stuffing Refill

One pound of buckwheat hulls